Dearest friends,

Once again we’re extending our data-collection possibilities to you, darling readers, and requesting your humble participation in our quest to achieve total murdering (and murdered) equity among all peoples, of all genders and all races, across all nations, in horror films. Perverse, you say? Why yes, thank you for noticing. Last you year our data collection team discovered these fascinating facts published at Salon dot com; this year, who knows what we will discover! If you are interested in participating in our data collection, to be used in such explanations as below, please visit this link BEFORE viewing your horror film. If the film you are about to view is NOT already listed, please tally or note each of the following, and add directly on our form once collected:

  • Title
  • Year
  • Director Name
  • Director Gender (M/F/O)
  • Writer Name
  • Writer Gender (M/F/O)
  • Producer Name
  • Producer Gender (M/F/O)
  • Country
  • Perceived Lead (F)
  • Perceived Lead (M)
  • Perceived Lead (Non-binary)
  • Perceived Lead (white)
  • Perceived Lead (non-white)
  • Perceived Lead (unidentified race)
  • Lead (Named) Cast Female
  • Lead (Named)Cast Male
  • Lead Cast Unidentified Gender
  • Non-Lead Cast Female
  • Non-Lead Cast Male
  • Non-Lead Cast Unidentified Gender
  • Lead Castmembers of Color
  • Lead Castmembers White
  • Lead Cast Unidentified Race
  • Non-Lead Castmembers of Color
  • Non-Lead Castmembers White
  • Non-Lead Cast Unidentified Race
  • Bechdel Test
  • Incidents of Rape or Sexualized Violence
  • Female Body Count
  • Male Body Count
  • Body Count, Characters of Color
  • Body Count, White Characters

Please note that incomplete surveys per film will result in an elimination of your data set. That is, if you can not fill out all the boxes, please do not fill out any of the boxes.

Also note that we may occasionally—even before Halloween!—sneak in and do some math as participation grows. We are interested in and open to all horror films—would very much enjoy, in fact, if our data-collection team sought out international directors, directors of color, or female directors for investigation. Our suspicion is that, as in comics, the tropes represented in horror films are far less diverse than the pool of folks creating them; what that could mean for horror films is that expansion of the form may be very easy indeed. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a film and actually not always know exactly which characters will die, and which survive, based on racial and gender clues alone?

Your participation is appreciated. Please make sure to leave a comment below if you work with us: since we are serial killers in our day jobs, we’d like to know who to avoid when March Murder Madness comes around again. Although you have to admit: what poetic justice if we ended up offing each of you! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Your humble proprietess,

Anne Elizabeth Moore

6 responses

  1. could you improve your way of writing?

    December 4, 2012 at 11:01 am

    • Oh, Lista—Thanks for the suggestion! I suppose it is possible, and we will look into doing so post-haste!

      December 10, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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  4. Hey thanks, boobs gif. Really excited to check out your site. Thanks for posing it! It couldn’t be more relevant to what we’re discussing here.

    December 24, 2012 at 3:45 pm

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